Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work For Healing?

Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work?
Solfeggio frequencies – Do They Work?

Solfeggio Frequencies – Do They Work?

Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work for healing? is a very good question. And one I looked into deeply as a sound healer and Qi Gong instructor. I used sound for various forms of healing and when solfeggio tones came to my attention. I was fascinated at the prospect of tones being able to heal your ethereal body. Firstly, a six tone musical scale interested me as a musician. Next came the idea that these tones have been used since the ninth and tenth centuries for healing. This also fascinated me. I am sure if you found this article, you must have the same enquiring mind as me. And to answer the question, I would say definitely yes. I have built up enough empirical evidence to be able to say that now with confidence.

Sound has been used as a healing modality for so many years now. In fact, we could say from the beginning of time we have used sound for healing. When you look at the Vedic scripts, you will find that the fundamental tone of the universe is Aum. This is more commonly known as Ohm. And we are thought to be harmonics coming from that Aum root sound. The Vedas puts the building blocks of the universe as sound, and we are harmonics emanating from that sound. It is certainly a fascinating concept when you begin to realise the nature of our reality. And how it works at the quantum level.

Here Is How I Found Solfeggio Frequencies Work

I use tuning forks as a sound healer. My first set of tuning forks were for the chakra system. I found them to indicate where the problems were in the chakras by the tone of the tuning fork changing as I waved the fork over the relevant chakra. I found this incredibly effective for finding and healing problems in the chakra system. There were solfeggio tuning forks being sold by the same company, so I did a little research on these forks and decided to give them a try. The knowledge behind the solfeggio tones is said to be channelled, so I was very sceptical when I first brought the forks

So the answer to the question ‘Do Solfeggio Frequencies Work for healing?’ Yes they do. When you use the tones to scan the body using a tuning fork, you can find areas of the body that sound out of tune with the tuning fork. When you keep striking the tuning fork and waving it over the area of the body that appears to be out of resonance, the tone starts to change and the tuning fork and body come back into resonance. That was a fascinating experience in itself.

My Empirical Evidence Was Mind Blowing

Solfeggion tones do actually work by Peter Paul Parker

When I spoke to the client after the session about what had been going on in their lives, it was exactly the same as the tuning forks had highlighted with the out of tune areas of the body. That in itself, was absolutely mind blowing. And this did not just happen once. It happened again and again. Client after client reported the same issues to me verbally as the tuning forks had found. When you realise that there is a commonality in these frequencies of the body, you realise that we are partly, if not wholly, made up of sound and frequency.

When you look into anything like this, you need to build up strong empirical evidence. You also need to have an open mind. And you need to be really diligent about your actions and what effect they are having on you. When you work with a client, it can be a little easier. The fluctuations in the state of our bodies is happening every day. And you need to really monitor closely what is happening to you. Basically, anything you research into in the amorphic realm, which has no real way of seeing the truth easily, needs to have your full attention.

Solfeggio Tones Are No Longer A Mystery To Me

When you dive deep into solfeggio tones and what they can do for you, it is a wonderful experience. You can actually use them in your sleep. If you have a way of playing music in your bedroom, you can play the tones when going to sleep. You will feel the difference in the morning, as we did in our household, and reap the benefits of this. It couldn’t be more convenient than that for you. With todays technology, you can use the tones for your own healing journey. Basically you can experiment with the tones and see what works for you. It is very interesting to do this. Sometimes the body is not as apparent as we think it is. Your body is a complex piece of machinery. And where the inner issues are may not be that apparent to you. Solfeggio frequencies will help you with this.

Are You Looking To Start Using Solfeggio Frequencies For Your Personal Healing?

If you are looking for solfeggio frequencies for your own personal healing, it can be difficult. There are so many videos out there. It can be difficult for you to choose where to go for your tones. You can actually make them up if you use a tone creator like Audacity. But these tones can be a little harsh to use. If you are serious about trying the solfeggio tones for healing I have created a mini course.

Solfeggio Tones Mini Course

Todays world is about micro learning. Short courses to find the answer to what you need. At the Bright Beings Academy, we have created a very short solfeggio tone course for you. Basically, you will own the solfeggio tones to use whenever you need to. All the solfeggio tones are included and an explanation for you to realise what the tone will do for you. The tones are professionally recorded so you can enjoy them playing in the background. You will be ably to use these tones as and when you need to. If you click the link below, this will give you more details on the mini course available to you.

Solfeggio tones. Start using them today.

Bright Beings Academy

The solfeggio tones mini course is hosted at the Bright Beings Academy. You will find more sound healing mini courses at the Academy. Here are two mini courses you may wish to consider also.

chakra meditations with healing sounds

Chakra Meditations

Chakra Meditations With Healing Sounds is an online course that focuses on each chakra with a meditation. The meditation addresses the inbalances of each chakra by looking at the over and underactive nature of each chakra. Includes healing tones.

chakra toning with healing sounds

Chakra Toning

Chakra toning with healing sounds shows you how to use your voice to heal your chakras. With easy to follow instructions, you will be resonating with your body very quickly. Singing ability is not necessary, but using your intention for healing is.

Bright Beings Academy Qi Gong And Meditation School

Bright Beings Academy Qi Gong and Meditation School
Bright Beings Academy For Self Realisation

The Bright Beings Academy is a Qi Gong and Meditation school for self realisation. You will find many courses, classes and resources to help you on your journey to self realisation. Our vision statement tells you what we are aiming to do with the Academy. You can see our vision statement below. If this resonates with you, please join us to create the world we all deserve and desire.

“A balanced and productive world of abundance with systems created through a multi-facetted and multi-dimensional global community of graceful people embracing their profound purpose in the service of connecting humanity back to their natural state.”

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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