What Does Qi Gong Do?

What does qi gong do?
What Does Qi Gong Do For You? It Can Do So Much For You!

What Does Qi Gong Do For You?

Qi Gong is a mind body spirit practise that started in South East Asia. China really is the birthplace of Qi Gong. And you also have Ki Gong which came from Korea that is also Qi Gong. Qi Gong is becoming more popular in the West because of the health benefits the healing art promises. And that is true. When you start a regular practise of Qi Gong, you will begin to feel it straight away. If you are living in the western world, you will no doubt been exposed to the three main stressors that are encompassing our society right now. And if you want to address these stressors, finding a Qi Gong practise will help you almost immediately with the physical and emotional stress. The chemical stress may take a little longer.

To sum up the practise in one sentence is difficult. This is because of the vastness of the practise. But to say it is combining the mind, the body and the breath together is a great start. It is also a workout for your mind. Rather like meditation is. You can start to focus your mind on your body and your breath even here after reading these words. Take a moment just to try to quieten your mind. It is not easy as you will find your mind drifting into the past or the future, or even the present but not on the subject in hand. You can train your mind.

Qi Gong is an amazing way to do this. It is simple to start and difficult to master. You will always find a challenge in the practise. You will also find quick wins, where you can celebrate the power you are bringing to your mind and body through the practise.

The Key Benefits

Here we list some of the major benefits a regular practise of Qi Gong can give you.

Qi Gong For Brain Sensitising

Sensitising your brain to your body is such a foundational aspect to this practise. Learning to be with your body in the moment is being highlighted as a major problem with the way humans live on the planet today. We are becoming detached from our bodies. When you realise your body is your vehicle, your mind starts to change. You start to realise you should be looking after your vehicle. Because your body is amazing. Your body is the most sophisticated piece of machinery on the planet. And all the money and resources could not recreat your body today. And your experience is also unique. This makes you precious and unique. Qi Gong will help you on this path to self realisation. This is really sensitising your brain to your body.

With the practise I teach, you will learn Ji Gam. This is an energy meditation. You sensitise your brain to not only your body, but the electromagnetic body that surrounds your body. You will begin to feel that energy in the form of a magnetic feeling, and pulling or pushing feeling. Or even a breezy feeling. When I see people feel this for the first time, it really is a paradigm changer for them. They realise that they are not only matter, but an energy that creates that matter. You begin to realise what the scientists talk about when they say ‘Energy Creates Matter‘.

Qi Gong For Brain Versatility

Making our brain more versatile is another key aspect to this practise. Now we are discovering through neuroscience that the body and the brain need to be working together to create balance, versatility and health. When your body and brain connection becomes stronger, your brain becomes more versatile. This means that you can take on new things with an open mind. Basically you can do new tasks and proceedures more easily. Because you are not stuck in the sympathetic nervous system because of your practise of Qi Gong, learning new things becomes much easier. Your brain becomes more versatile. This is key to a successful life.

Qi Gong For Mastering Your Brain And Your Body

When you practise for a while, you learn so much about your body. You find where you hold your stress. You also learn how to soothe your stress through movement and focus. This is so empowering. With the human population getting sicker by the day, you can start to take control back of your health. Allowing the energy to flow through your body is crucial to a healthy body and mind. When you start to master your energy, you learn to deal with stress, anxiety and depression much more effectively.

Other Benefits And Outcomes

Qi Gong has helped with so many problems and diseases that occur in the body. You will find many of these benefits here. But to break this down quickly for you I will list a few benefits here. Qi Gong is amazing for dealing with and soothing stress, anxiety and depression. Chronic fatigue. Boosts immune system. Helps to elevate your mood. Also, it helps with sleep problems. Helps to clear pain problems in the body. And is amazing for guiding you on your path to self realisation. Click this link below for the full article on the benefits of practising Qi Gong.

Qi Gong Benefits(Opens in a new browser tab)

Where Can I Learn Qi Gong?

The Bright Beings Academy is a Qi Gong and Meditation school designed to help you on your path to self realisation. You can learn this ancient healing art form from the comfortat of your own home now. And the best part about this is that it is absolutely free for the first two weeks to see if this is going to work for you. Click the link below to start your free trial today.

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Better Connection With Your Mind, Body And Soul

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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