Qi Gong To Boost Immune System

Qi Gong To Boost Immune System
Your Immune System Is The Key To Good Health – Can Qi Gong Improve It?

How Can You Use Qi Gong To Boost Your Immune System?

How can you use Qi Gong to boost your immune system? Qi Gong has been used to boost the immune system for thousands of years. And it is still effective today as it has always been. Our actual body has not changed for thousands of years. But the the way we live today has radically changed. Basically, if you are not using your body as nature intended it to be used, you will fall into disease. To keep your body out of disease, your energy needs to flow through the body properly. And what is the best and easiest way to do that. Take up Qi Gong and incorporate it into your everyday life. everyday. Many of the exercises are easy to follow. And you can definitely feel the benefits of the practise almost immediately.

In a study taken from PubMed, a clinical trial showed that Qi Gong does have an almost immediate effect on the immune system. Click here for the study. There are very simple and effective ways of boosting your immune system using Qi Gong exercises. You will find a few techniques in this article to help you on your journey to health and well being. Warming the abdomen helps to raise certain cells to work harder on the immune response.

When Your Lower Abdomen Temperature Rises, So Does The Effectiveness Of Your Immune System

Without getting too technical here, it has now been shown that when you raise the temperature of your lower abdomen, your immune system response improves. This makes perfect sense. When you have a fever, your body starts to warm up and even become hot. This heat is not the illness, but your immune systems response to a problem in the body. And yes, if the fever gets to high, this does become dangerous to both the body and the brain so they should not be ignored. Always see your health professional if you are suffering from a fever. Click here for the study on a raised body temperature helps certain immune functions to work better.

Another great study shows how immune cells are primed when a rise in temperature occurs in them. Click here for the study. You can benefit from this knowledge of keeping a warm abdomen to keep your immune system working properly. It is your defence system against the outside world. Especially in todays world riddled with toxins, it is so important to keep this area of the body healthy.

Another Important Fact About Your Lower Abdomen

The lower abdomen is the area of your enteric nervous system. When your enteric nervous system stops working, you cannot be revived. Where as all other areas of the body are not essential for that because of modern technology. We can even keep the body alive when the brain had died. That is not possible when the enteric nervous system ceases to function. Your enteric nervous system has its own form of neurones. And these neurones are continually sending information back up to the brain. This is where the expression ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ comes from.

Only 5% of the signals goes from the brain to the gut. And that 5% is to do with peristalsis. Basically that is moving your food down your digestive tract. The other 95% of activity is sending information from the gut to the brain. Keeping this area healthy and vibrant is so important for your overall health.

Not only exercise, but eating mainly live food is essential for good health. Eating the fast manufactured food of todays world is one of the worst things you can do for the health of your gut. That type of food is dead and lacking in energy. You need good energy to bring the body to life. Good food and a good Qi Gong practise will do that for you.

Qi Gong To Boost Immune System but food is important also
Enhance Your Qi Gong Practise With Healthy Food And You Will Boost Your Immunity Naturally

A Quick Mention On The Importance Of Probiotics

Naturally immunity is decreasing all over the world. More and more people are becoming chronically sick. Spreadable viruses and pathogens are also on the rise. Probiotics have been show to be very helpful in this struggle to stay healthy in todays world. Here are the main take away points for a study released in Science Direct. The paper is entitled ‘Potential beneficial role of probiotics on the outcome of COVID-19 patients: An evolving perspective.’

  • COVID-19 pandemics has defined new need for effective molecules to treat infective respiratory diseases.
  • Probiotics are usually safe, easily available, and widely used thanks to their positive effect on the human microbiota.
  • Several studies demonstrated that probiotics are useful and effective to improve clinical outcomes in infective diseases.
  • Recent studies and clinical trials show that probiotics may improve the clinical course and outcome of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

If you want to read the whole study, please click here.

Qi Gong Exercises To Boost Immune System

You can find three Qi Gong exercises to boost your immunity below. You have learnt that warming the abdomen e increases the effectiveness of the immune system. Also keeping the abdomen flexible is also important. Basically, you will learn three techniques to keep your lower abdomen warm and flexible using these three techniques.

Intestine Exercise

Practising the intestine exercise every day will definitely help you improve your gut health. And this is so easy for you to do also. Make your hands into the tigers mouth position. That is with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands almost touching. This makes a triangle shape in the space between your hands. You then place your hands on your belly button or navel. It is best you do this exercise standing, but you can do this seated also. Straighten your back. If you are standing, bend your knees and roll your hips around so your lower back is flat also. Find yourself standing in a comfortable position. Try to keep this posture all the way through your repetitions.

Without using too much force, pull in your lower abdomen as much as you can without stressing yourself. But do go as deep as you can pulling your abdomen in. Then push your abdomen out as far as you can. Again, do not stress anything in your body here. But feel your body working out here. Find a reasonable tempo for yourself. 1 repetition per second or even two seconds is good. Repeat this process 30 times to start with. Then increase to 50, and then 100 times per session. You will feel your abdomen warming up quickly with practice. And your lower abdomen will become more flexible too.

Intestine Push

You can do this lying down, seated or standing. If your are seated or standing, follow the instructions above. Bring your hands into a prayer posture. Then lift the heals of the palms away from each other and flip the hands so your finger nails and knuckles are touching each other. Place your fingertips of both hands into the belly button or navel area. And start pushing the fingers into the belly button. Then you release. And push again and release. If this is uncomfortable for any reason, go a little above or below the belly button or navel area. Find the place where this is comfortable for you.

Do the repetitions about 1 every second. Repeat this 50 times. When you gain stamina in your hands, move this up to 100 times. Even more if you can. This does not warm the abdomen up so quickly but is an effective way of stimulating your immune system. This will help you to get more flexibility into your abdomen, which is so good for your enteric nervous system also.

Dahn Jon Tapping

This exercise is best performed standing. But you can sit also. Make sure your back is straight and you are comfortable. If you are standing, go into horse stance, as described earlier. Bend your knees slightly and roll your hips around so your lower back is flat. You could find some drumming music to accompany you on this exercise if you like It does help. Make two gentle fists. Then start tapping the little finger part of the fist into your lower abdomen. This should be about two inches below your belly button. This is called your lower Dahn Jon in my form of Qi Gong. But you may know it as your Dantien.

If you are really out of shape, start off with doing fifty taps. But to over that up to 100 taps. Basically, you should be looking to get up to 5 minutes performing this exercise. This will help you strengthen the lower abdomen area by stimulating it with tapping. Tapping is so good for the body. I demonstrate this in Qi Gong exercises here. Keep up your Dahn Jon tapping practise as it is good for many other reasons also. Because you are tapping the area of the second chakra, you will be grounding yourself also. We all need some grounding in todays fast paced world.

Are You Looking To Take Up Qi Gong?

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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