Qi Gong For Sleep

Qi Gong For Sleep
How Is Qi Gong Good For Sleep?

How Is Qi Gong Good For Sleep?

Why is Qi Gong good for sleep? Firstly lets think about lying awake at night. That is very stressful and no fun at all. Tossing and turning at night is a terrible position to be in. Qi Gong will give you the tools to help you soothe your stress and anxiety, clear the mind, so you can get a good nights sleep. Qi Gong brings balance to your body. The Yin and Yang energy comes into balance. Many sleep issues are caused by excessive Yang energy in the head. Each energy has its place, but when they are out of balance, that is when the problems occur.

Our western lives are full of stimulation and movement. Even when you are sitting at a computer screen, your attention is being drawn in constantly. Also sitting down watching TV can do this also. Getting lost in the bad news or a gripping netflix box set, will all get the Yang energy up to the head. In Qi Gong we need to move that energy from the head, down to the lower Dahn Jon. This reverses the pyramid shape we should be, and brings balance back to the body. Clearing the head is the biggest way Qi Gong can help to get you good nights sleep.

Why We Need Good Sleep

Sleep is restorative. It helps to bring the body back into a healing state. During sleep, the body is able to clear the lymphatic system, which in turn, will boost the immune system. So many important healing issues happen when you sleep. That is why it is important to sleep well every night. The brain in particular does not function properly. When we get into a deep, the brain cells actually shrink, to allow fluid to pass through the brain to clear all the toxins that build up in the brain. This could be one reason why you have a foggy head in the morning. When you get a good Qi Gong practise, you will not suffer from this anymore.

How To Prepare Yourself For A Good Nights Sleep With Qi Gong

Pick some nice easy flowing sequences to help release the stagnant energy out of the body. But first I would suggest all over body tapping before you start that. This will bring your focus to your body completely. When you tap the body, it brings your attention to your body. This really helps to take the Yang energy out of the head. This brings that energy out of the head and into the body. Below is an all over body tapping sequence that will start your wind down to a good nights sleep.

Gently stretching out the body really helps. This clears the meridian lines and also gets the stagnant energy out of the meridians. When you do an all over meridian stretching session, your body will feel lighter and more balanced. Below is a short all over meridian stretching routine you can try before bed. You can try this session after your tapping. The video is below.

Water Swings

Water swings is another great exercise to gently release the energy out of the head and into the body. Use your imagination like a child. And go into horse stance. Feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Roll your hips around so your lower back is flat. Place your hands in front of you as if you are in waste high water. Go back to being a child again and swing your arms like you are playing in a swimming pool. Soften your body with your mind while you are doing this. Take all the tension our of your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Let yourself flow to the left and to the right. Be in the moment completely as you take your imagination back to being a child in a swimming pool. Do this for at least 30 repetitions.

Toe Tapping Is An Amazing Qi Gong Exercise For Good Sleep

Toe tapping is a great way of bringing the energy from the head down to the feet. It is the first exercise we suggest when we are teaching in class as Qi Gong instructors for sleep. It is an ideal Qi Gong exercise for sleep. All you need to do is lie flat on your back on a reasonable hard surface. Use a mat if you find it more comfortable. Take some deep breaths into your lower abdomen. And start to scan the body to relax your whole body. Keep the legs straight and bring your heels together. Your big toes will be touching. Now pull your bog toes as far apart from each other while keeping the heels touching. And then bring the toes in quite firmly to tap them together. Do this quite rigorously.

You will feel it in your inner thigh and pelvis after a while. Start of by repeating this 100 times. Then build up your repetition to at least 500 times. It sounds a lot, but the time flies by when you get used to this as your nightly routine. Toe tapping every night before bed is a great way to start your fall into a beautiful nights sleep.

Other Practises To Consider For A Good Nights Sleep

Try to find a consistent time to go to bed every night. You could try using the sun as your guide. Some people find this a little extreme. But try to go to bed at the same time every night. This will train your body that sleep is coming. And if you are doing your regular Qi Gong routine for good sleep, your body starts to wind down naturally.

Do not interact with any electronic devices an hour before sleep. This will bring the energy back to the head and all that good work you have just done, will be lost. bringing your mind into your body with your Qi Gong exercises and turning off all devices and keeping them out of the bedroom will make your body realise it is time for sleep. In Ayurveda, it is practised that the bed is only used for sleeping and love making. This is another good tip for you to follow for a good nights sleep.

Qi Gong Is Not Only Good For Sleep, But A Holistic Healing System

Qi Gong is an enormous umbrella for so many healing modalities. When you practise Qi Gong, you will find yourself getting healthier, more vibrant and calmer. One of my class students said in a class recently that they are becoming a better person from practising Qi Gong. Actually it is them tuning into the energy inside of their body and shedding all the negative energy that has accumulated in them. This enables us to tune into our higher vibrations. A good Qi Gong practise will completely transform your life.

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I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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