Heart Chakra Meditation With Healing Sounds

Heart Chakra Meditation With Healing Sounds

Heart Chakra Meditation

This is a heart chakra meditation with healing sounds embedded into the music all designed to stimulate your 4th chakra. You can use the music to meditate to if you know what your intention is for your heart chakra meditation. Having this music on in the background will help deepen your experience. The music itself will help change the vibration of the space you are in, therefore helping you change your vibration. Basically, this means that you will connect more to your heart chakra. Here are some tips if you are looking for guidance on a heart meditation.

Breath Of The Heart Meditation

Heart Chakra Meditation
Heart Chakra Meditation With Healing Sounds

Find yourself a comfortable position to sit. Either in a half lotus or lotus position, or in a chair. Straighten your spine and relax your whole body. Let go of any tension that may be in your body. Really bring your mind into the present moment. Just be there in this moment. Close your eyes. Allow your hands to hang down by your sides. Take a long slow deep breath out. As you take a long slow deep breath in, raise your hands either side of your body until your hands touch above the top of your head. Your thumb tips and index finger tips should touch,. creating a triangle shape with your index fingers and thumbs.

When they touch, hold your breath and bring your hands slowly until they are just in front of your heart. Then push your hands straight out away from your heart making an Ahhhh sound under your breath while breathing out. Push your hands out as far as they go. And then let your hands come down to your sides naturally while holding the breath. Repeat the process.

Repeat as many times you feel necessary. Seven is a good starting number. Really monitor yourself and see how the body is changing as you go through this breathing meditation. Notice how the heart may feel lighter and more connected. Really keep observing how you feel.

Heart Chakra Meditation Rosicrucian Style

Find a comfortable place to sit of lie down, whichever you prefer. Close your eyes and begin to relax the body. Really focus on letting the tension release from your body. Allow your breathing to become slow and deep. Do not force anything. Just let yourself be in your natural state.

Now focus on your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. Really feel the power of the heart chakra as you focus on a green ball spinning in your minds eye. Focus on the green ball spinning happily and healthily. Now bring your awareness back to your heart chakra. Notice how the area feels now in your body.

Now focus on a golden rod going through the heart chakra from bottom to top, piecing the centre of the heart chakra. Then focus on a golden rod piercing the side of the heart chakra going through to the other side. These two rods have crossed in the centre of the heart chakra. Bring all your attention and awareness to where the rods cross. Keep focusing on them. Now bring all the energy of the heart chakra into the middle of the crossed rods. Don’t force anything but keep brining the energy in. Feel the energy as it is condensed into the middle of the heart chakra.

Then let the energy go out to its full potential from the middle of the heart chakra. Let the energy go to its full limits without forcing anything. Keep using your imagination here. Then repeat the process 7 times. And then just focus on your heart area and see how it feels now. You can repeat as many times as you like, but 7 is a good number to repeat to start off with.

Heart Chakra Meditation Music

Here is an hour long piece of music designed to resonate with the heart chakra. Use this for your meditations. Best to use good speakers or headphones for best effect. Enjoy the music and allow yourself to be the compassionate, loving human being full of empathy you came here to be.

Heart Chakra Meditation Music

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Peter. 🙂

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