The Degrees Of Consciousness

The Degrees Of Consciousness

What are the Degrees Of Consciousness. It is a question we all have to ask ourself at some point in our life. And what about what is consciousness? When does it enter the body? Does it actually exist? Why does it exist?

These are all valid questions, and only we can experience the different levels of consciousness for ourselves. Unfortunately no one else can do this for us. We have to explore our own consciousness. Because we are in a realm of polarity, and we feel disconnected from everything.

This is what our ancestors called the Mia, the illusory world of this five sense reality. And they told us that we are all connected. And now this is entering main stream science at last.

Science is catching up with our spiritual guides on this planet. And are begining to see the amazing work that has been done by highly intelligent human beings. Working it out, being guided, and even chanelling this amazing information that is available to us.

The Material Realm Is Floundering

And the material realm is floundering with what to do next as they begin to target children more and more with their propoganda. Seeing the latest use of the Marvel Comic figures and Pfizer is really quite remarkable to me. I have never seen it become more blatant.

Throughout human history, we have been fooled that the redeemer figure is going to come along and save us. Is it really being suggested by these corporations that our new redeemer figures are the avengers. When the penny dropped and I realised this, I laughed out loud.

The Heros Story

Don’t get me wrong, I love the heros story of the avengers and the battle against light and dark. But this battle is supposed to be our battle inside of us.

It is true that there are degrees of consciousness, and we, as human beings have the ability to tap into all of these levels. It is not easy but it is possible.

I remember going through my Shin Myung training to become a Dahn Master, and reading back on my notes the other day, I can see why this is all becoming clear to me, because at that time, I was opening up my upper chakras.

Working Your Lower Chakras

And this became even more powerful because I had done the work with the lower chakras, to clean and cleanse them, and make them a good foundation for my body to recieve the higher energies open to us. But it took some work.

I love the mystery school teaching of 360 degrees, which is the circle. And when you look at the horizon around you, and you can see all of the horizon in circle, you have full access to heaven.

Then you realise why the negative energies on the planet need bigger populations, which I am not against, so they can build their cities up and disrupt your 360 degree viewpoint.

360 Degree VIsion

When we have that 360 degree vision and turn our body into a right way round pyramid, we have access to the higher energies available to us. This is why everyone keeps going on about spending time in nature. It gives you that 360 degree access.

Flipping the pyramid takes some work. I did it with my Ki Gong practice, which I practice even harder with today, because I am feeling the results. I train for an hour every morning, no matter how many classes, coaching calls, or videos or pieces of music I have to make.

We have all seen the sacred geometry of the pyramid in the circle. Now you can see that it is directly relevant to you, your consciousness, and how you can actually be in this material world.

Having a clear vision in this world is so important to navigating this dense energy we are going through at the moment. I was so amazed with how it happened to me, I set up the Bright Beings Academy, to help people tune into their higher vibrations.

I truly hope you are doing this to, in whatever way you choose. But the most important thing, is to turn up everyday, and keep going. Because the distractions are coming fast and furious at the moment. And the call for a peaceful life is so appealing.

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Until the next post, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

Dahn Master, Qi Gong Instructor, Musician, Sound Healer, and creator of the Dream Method and the Bright Beings Academy

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