Sacral Chakra Meditation Using Healing Tones

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra Meditation

This is a sacral chakra meditation with healing sounds embedded into the music all designed to stimulate your second chakra. This is ideal if you know what you want to meditate on and have this music in the background playing. It helps change the vibration of the room. Here are some tips if you need some inspiration on meditating on your sacral chakra.

Dahn Jon Breathing

Dahn Jon breathing is relatively easy but very effective at changing your nervous system state. And the best way to do this is lying down. Completely relax your body. Scan your body up and down and if you find any tension, release that tension. I find it really easy to imagine a tightly clenched fist being released after holding that grip for a while. Get that same feeling in your mind as you start to release the tension all around your body.

Then make a triangle with your thumbs and index finger tips touching. This makes a triangle. Place the thumbs on your naval or belly button, with the index fingers pointing down towards your feet. The hand position is not that important, but really feel your lower abdomen underneath your hands. Imagine your lower abdomen warming up. Then breathe deeply into your lower abdomen like a baby breathes. Your lower abdomen going up and down like a balloon inflating and deflating. Keep the breath slow and rhythmic. You can either keep your focus on your breath, or allow your imagination to go where it wants to go. Don’t allow yourself to unpack any thoughts that come in. That will lead to thinking. Just be in this position as long as you need to.

Sacral Chakra Meditation Rosicrucian Style

Find yourself lying down again. You can do these seated, but I find them far more effective lying down. Scan your body again for any tension. Release that tension as explained above. The picture your sacral chakra. This is situated roughly 2 inches below your belly button and two inches inside. Picture a beautiful reddy orange colour in your minds eye. This beautiful spinning circle represents your sacral chakra. Just focus on the colour and the feeling in your body.

Now you are relaxed, picture a golden rod going downwards right through the middle of the sacral chakra. Now picture a rod going through the side of the sacral chakra and coming out the other side. Where the rods cross in the middle, this is where you need to focus your mind. Bring your mind right into the middle of the chakra. Hold that attention for a few moments.

Now imagine gathering up all the energy of the sacral chakra and pulling this energy into the centre of the chakra. Don’t feel any tension while you are doing this. Everything is relaxed. Keep pulling the energy in for a few moments. Keep your breathing slow and steady. Then push the energy out as far as it will go from the centre of the sacral chakra. Keep pushing the energy out with your mind. Repeat this 7 times. Then go back into Dahn Jon breathing for the rest of your meditation. Use this time to imagine how powerful, how passionate and how creative you want to be using the power of the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra Meditation Music

Here is an hour video for you to use with the music of the sacral chakra. Try to use good speakers or even headphones to really get the benefit of the embedded tones in the music. Enjoy and be the human being you came here to be. Full of potential and vitality.

Sacral Chakra Meditation Music

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Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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