Comfort Zone To Growth Zone

How many people are stuck in their comfort zone? I know I used to be. And it was not good for any kind of growth. What is your comfort zone? Your comfort zone is somewhere you feel safe. Somewhere to go back to when life seems to get too much for you. But that in itself is riddled with problems.

Usually it is attachments to your ego, or material sense of self. You will be strongly attached to security, control and safety. And this will keep you in your comfort zone. When you start to come out of your comfort zone, you enter the fear zone. And if anything fails while you are trying something new, you will always blame others, and find excuses why this certain project you are working on didn’t work.

Affected By Others Opinions Keeps You In Your Comfort Zone

This will make you affected by other peoples opinions and lack confidence and self esteem. If you manage to negotiate all those issues inside you, and break past the fear zone, you go into a learning phase of your life. You will get out of the fear and realise you need to learn new skill sets to make whatever you are trying to do work. You will also find new courage to deal with challenges and problems by observing them and responding properly, rather than reacting.

Here, you will actually start to grow your comfort zone and make that bigger. You are on the road to success. And once you enhance and enlarge your comfort zone, you will reach your growth zone. You will be able to easily accomplish objectives and find new goals for yourself. You will start to find your profound purpose and live the life you always dreamed about. This is the place to live this life we all have. Growing and expanding ourselves.

Where Does This Come From?

This comes from the mind, and some say the soul. Where you have this constant yearning inside that you need to be getting on with something. And this something is getting into your growth zone and becoming the human being you came here to be. Not stuck in your comfort zone, blaming others for your hardships, and shouting at the world for being so corrupted. Time to end the pity party and walk into the life you want. There is a new age deception doing the round robins at the moment to make you feel you are complete as you are. I would agree that your body is. That is, if you keep it healthy. But what about your inner world?

It is amazing to stop and look at the wonder of the creation of this world. But I do really profoundly believe we should be looking at what we can create also. And that can mean collaboratively as well. We are creators, so lets get out there and do some creating.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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