Have You A Conflict Inside?

Do you feel like you have a conflict happening inside of you. Just like in the outer world today, our inner world is the same. There are so many things competing for your attention. Advertisers, marketers and businesses are all looking for your attention.

That is why the selling of your personal data has become such a big business. Something I do not agree with by the way.But what is the conflict inside?In my coaching course, the Dream Method, I go through the different energies that are competing for attention inside of you. And there are many.

Looking Back At History

But I saw a fascinating documentary on Romania, where there were large communities of Neanderthals exisitng together, thousands of years ago.And from what the researchers were saying, they were partly nocturnal creatures and valued the energies of the moon. They were also highly intelligent and very sensitive to their surroundings. They trod lightly on the earth, making little impact on nature, and seem to have a spiritual nature too. The other humanoid species around in Europe at the time were the Cro Magnons.

And the researcher went on to say they were more interested in the energies of the sun, and were around during the day. They were more intellectual, and like to conquer and dominate. They did have an impact on nature, and seemed much less sensitive to emotions and feelings than the Neanderthals.

Is Part Of Our Conflict Inside In Our DNA?

And these two types of DNA are in us today. This is because Neanderthals and Cro Magnons interbred. One of the researchers seemed to think that this was done through rape. Who knows? But the fact of the matter is, we do hold these two conflicting DNA strands in our bodies.Many people are facing inner conflict today with what is happening on the earth at the moment. We seem to have a rise in sensitivity, where people want to stop the environment destruction.

And also they want to end wars, poverty, disease, injustice and more.And there seems to be another set of people who want to dominate, control, watch every aspect of your life to ensure you are doing the right thing. And more.

Is The Conflict Inside The Same As The Conflict Outside?

Is what we are seeing in the world today, the same conflict that is going on inside of us all?It is an interesting question. And if you are into self development and transforming yourself into your best version, this should be food for thought for you. And of course we go back to who is the observer observing all of this happening inside of you.

When you can reach that observer state, you will see the the advantages and disadvantages of the two opposing sides, and bring them into harmony inside yourself. And yes, it is possible if you make the effort.

You do not have to walk around with this inner conflict inside of you. You can find peace in the chaos and be the eye of the hurricane. But you have to put in the work.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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