Breaking Down Convictions

Can we really break down our convictions? Lets step back a little and go a little deeper. How many thoughts do we have in a day? That is a good question, because thoughts keep popping into our heads on a regular basis. And there have been some outrageous claims about the number of thoughts we have. Some credible studies say we have around 6,000 thoughts per day on average. Some days may be more, though. Especially when we charge them with an emotion.

When we have a thought, unless it’s coming from a negative place in our subconscious, it will probably be neutral. And that thought can be left unpacked and it will pass through you. Thoughts can be transient.But what do I mean when that thought maybe coming from a negative place?

Breaking Down Convictions Is Possible When We Know How They Are Created

When a thought is created in your head, it may have some baggage attached to it. Because it may be a thought where something you have done has gone wrong before, and it pops up saying something like ‘I told you so’ or ‘You knew that was going to turn out bad.’

This will bring a negative charge to this thought. And when this happens enough times to you, it becomes a belief. It starts to be part of your belief system.And when this happens again and again. It starts to be a conviction inside of you. This is when you believe that this is you for the rest of your life, and that it is.

This is particularly true of highly sensitive people who react badly to situations that seem to occur again and again and again. They are stuck in a negative cycle and this has become their conviction of who they are.Changing a conviction about yourself is far harder than changing your belief system. But this can be reversed.

Observe Your Triggers

When a situation that triggers you is simply observed and you do not allow the thoughts that occur to come from your subconscious conviction of how you should handle this situation, the outcome changes. Its not easy but possible.

Then you can put that in the good pile of your subconscious storage system, and when this happens again, you can add more to the pile.And therefore you start to train your subconscious that this conviction is not you. It is how you have reacted, rather than responded to the situation before. Now you’re learning.

And When You Finally Break Down A Conviction

And when you finally break down the conviction about yourself deep down inside, you will see many different opportunities in front of you, which you did not see before. This really is the power of responding to life rather than reacting from your convictions. And it allows you to achieve what you want with your life.

Life gives us many lessons to learn. And if we do not break free from our convictions, you will be sent the same lesson, over and over again, until you break free from your convictions about yourself.

I have been blessed to see many clients go through this process, as well as doing this myself. And believe me, it is truly liberating when you do this.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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