Are You Losing Your Belief System

Belief systems are being lost at this particular moment in human history. I speak to quite a few people and many people are becoming numb to what is happening in the world at the moment.

And I would agree that it is a struggle to be on earth at the moment.It truly is the apocalypse, which means, the lifting of the veil. We are seeing things that have been hidden for thousands of years, coming to the surface.

It is also the third great shake up according to the Hopi Indian philosophy.And according to the Vedas, we are in the Kali Yuga, the lowest age of humanity and how we live on this planet. But the wonderful part about all of this is, we still have a choice.

Because in this great shake up, this dark age, we can find what we need to heal inside much more easily, because what we don’t want is in our face every day.

It is now so obvious.

Belief Systems And Hypocrisy

And it is truly the age of hypocrisy. Listening to the radio and putting the dots together now is easy. And if I were to believe the narrative from the war happening at the moment, I would believe this.

Cluster munitions are a war crime when used by the Russian Army but ok if they are used by the Ukranian Army, supplied by America.This is completely insane. Absolutely absurd. Bonkers.

Peace is the answer, love is the way is a beautiful statement I see in my mind everyday now. And people seem to reject love as the answer. I am communicating on Youtube at the moment with a Christian who is really angry at calling the story of Jesus a myth.

To me, that doesn’t matter what he says. It is what I feel inside about Jesus and his teachings.When I first heard him mentioned in a classroom, I had this overwhelming feeling of love come over me. And when I questioned the monks who didn’t seem to be sticking to his teachings, I was thrown out of class.

What To Believe

My belief system has never been shaken, even though I do not follow any particular religion. But I do research into any of them that seem to be relevant to my life at that time.

And I draw from them, the inspiration to get me through these hard times at the moment.It is really hard changing your belief system. I get that. I used to be petrified of the word heretic being raised a catholic. Not any more. It is now just a word to me.

Words are spells and can make you hold onto something that doesn’t serve you.I left the Christian lady these words. Believe in the teachings of Jesus and use peace as your answer and make love your way.

And you will fit through the eye of the needle and leave this world with a heart as light as a feather.Then you will be in alignment with both Jesus and Thoth. They were both talking about the same thing.

We have this amazing ability to change as human beings. Lets all start making peace the answer and love the way. And then we can start co operatives and collaborate with each other for the good of everyone, and not the good of the few.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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