Why Is My Mind So Busy?

Have you ever asked yourself why your mind is so busy? I remember my mind used to be like a spaghetti junction at rush hour. Thoughts, feelings and emotions running everywhere through my head.And it used to make me emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious.

Then I was led to procrastination, where doing nothing felt like the best option. How life has changed. But how?It comes down to actually focusing your mind onto something that you actually want. And not allowing your attention to be pulled away from that with all the distractions out there for you.

The mind naturally wants to move. In fact, it is designed that way. When we are children, we are curious. We are always looking at things and trying to figure out what they do.That curiosity, together with our imagination, gets watered down, or even impeded at a very early age.

Therefore we lose sight of what we want and start to get more involved with the distractions. More money, more popularity, more freedom.

Is Your Mind So Busy With Pointless Distractions?

Actually all these come when you actually start to live life how you really want to and be authentic to yourself. And lets just look at one of the distractions, which is winning the lottery. How many miserable people has that created?

Just think about that for a moment. The money will come when focus on the place where you really want to be. But when money is just simply won and you don’t know what you want, you will live a life from a place of conditioning of how you think you want to be.

And if you are highly sensitive and your empathy gets compromised, this becomes so hard to bear.I was speaking last night with a few colleagues and we were saying how hard it is to be an empath in todays world. And that is true.

But if you start coming into the present moment, and move away from the nervous system reaction that makes the mind go crazy, then you will start to focus the mind on what you want.

Ki Gong Calms The Mind

In my Ki Gong practise we simplify that by saying ‘Where the mind goes, your energy follows.’

And this is so true. When you work out where you want to put your energy, it makes it easier for the mind to focus on that. Otherwise it will be scattered with all the distractions that are happening to you.I know it is easier said than done.

But this is all to do with your own personal growth. Personally, I looked for help with this, because of my empathetic nature. And this is why I have created the Dream Method to help others calm their mind so they can go on and live the life they want to.

Be it a more harmonious family life, more success in their career, or just being able to sit alone for an hour without worrying about anything.The mind is a very powerful tool, but it is a lousy master.

When we begin to learn how it works, then we begin to master our life.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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Peter Paul Parker The Dream Method

Peter Paul Parker

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