Is Thie World An Illusion?

I hear many people talk about this world being an illusion. What does that actually mean? Is this all a Dream and we are just the figment of imagination from someone else’s dream. I don’t feel that is true. Even Einstein said ‘Reality is merely an illusion, all be it a persistant one.’

There is so much truth to that statement, but what we experience is very real. When we bang our heads on something hard, it hurts. And that experience is very real. I like the way this is explained in the Vedas, where we are a conditioned soul inhabiting an empty vessel, and we also have a super soul inside of this empty vessel.

Our purpose for this existence is to move closer to the super soul inside of us, which is connected to everything. These are very ancient spiritual teachings.Personally, I like that. It means we have ways of changing to facilitate this closer relationship to the super soul.

But of course the people invested heavily in the material world are actually looking for the God particle in everything.

What Is An Illusion?

And that brings me to the point of what is an illusion. The illusion of you is that you think that you are you. If it comes from the material world, it is a false sense of self. It is an illusion.When we suffer a trauma, or an emotional pain, that gets held in the subsconsious.

And we can be triggered at any time from this held negativley charged energy in our body.This is particularly true when we are children. We will bury this trauma or upset very deeply and we will react to life from this position, almost to the point of being aggressive. And we believe this is us.We do live in a world of arrested development.

We are on the cusp of an enormous change as more people wake up, become adults, and start to say no more to the riduculous way this world is being run. Gandhi was right. He said ‘MAKE INJUSTICE OBVIOUS!’. And it is becoming more and more obvious by the day.

Our Capability To Change Is Awesome

It is certainly true that this five sense reality is not what we think it is. And I cover that deeply in my Dream Method course. But what we can take away from this, is that we all have the amazing capability of changing.

We have the amazing ability to move closer to our super soul. We can be 100% authentic, which is a word being over used at the moment. And we can be the human beings we came here to be.No more looking in the mirror saying over and over again to yourself, I should have done this or I should have said that.

Let those days be over. No more reacting from old emotional wounds, which is scar tissue in your body and makes you feel numb and unworthy. No more being overwhelmed with millions of emotions and feelings to process because you are being the magnificent being that you are. Thats why I say ‘Journey Inwards, Succeed Outwards.’

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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