Essene Mirrors

What are the Essene Mirrors? Before I get into that, I want to ask you a question.

When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see something that is amazing, phenomenal, super natural even?Or do we see something that is unworthy, overwhelmed with life, or just simply damaged?

Our ancestors saw this world as a reflection to the reality that is happening inside of us. And what we see in the mirror is what we have been feeling about ourselves in the not too distant past. These feelings reflect into our lives and keeps us where we are.

So if we feel we have too many bills, the reflection will send you more bills. Or see that we have no progression in our career. We will stay stuck in our career and have no place for growth.When I looked into the Essene Mirrors which come from the spiritual group known as the Essenes, I was intrigue.

I had made very close acquaintances very quickly and felt I had know them all my life, and suddenly they just disappeared without a trace.When I looked into the Essene Mirrors, I realised that I was saying good bye to parts of me that were no longer serving me, and it was being reflected into my physical life.

When You Understand The Essene Mirrors It Can Change Your Paradigm

This was a major paradigm shift for me. Most people don’t pay that much attention to their lives, and so these types of things do pass by without being noticed.

I love it when my clients get to the point where they are becoming so self aware they look for the reflections coming back to them in their world that are giving them lessons for growth. The Essene Mirrors are far more complicated than this, but this is a good example of how this reality works.

If you are stuck in the same place all the time, it means you are feeling that inside and it is making the same things come around again and again.This can be good or it can be bad. The reason it is like this is because it is a reflection of you.

And you cannot change the reflection in the mirror, but you can change what is being reflected in the mirror.

A Major Step Of Transformation

This is one of the major steps for transformation and change. And we need to be aware of ourselves and what is happening inside of us to see this. Most people in the world today don’t bother. They feel that this is it, and that is final.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you stand infront of the mirror and see a confident, intelligent being who knows what they want and where they are going, that is what is going to reflect back to them.And with perserverance, this will manifest into your life.

My question to you is ‘What do you reflect back from the mirror?’I am looking for a couple more people to go on my Dream Method training where I go into the Essene Mirrors a little deeper, together with many different ancient teachings to help you live your best live. See the link below.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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