What Is Ignorance?

What is ignorance? When a cat is so curious it climbs up a tree, not really thinking about how to get back down, is that ignorant? Or is that just a silly mistake that the cat will learn from. I would suggest it is a silly mistake, and hopefully the cat will learn from that mistake.

But it made that mistake out of ignorance. What gets me about so many humans today, we are so scared of making mistakes infront of other people, and when we do, we hide away as if we have committed a horrendous sin.I know, because I was once stuck in this energetic prison.

And that is all it is. An energetic construct that holds you in fear. Once you refresh that energy, which you can do, then those walls can fall away.It was Einstein who coined the expression energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transferred. That fear inside of you is just energy, and can be transferred elsewhere. I know. I have done this.

And Who Is Living In Ignorance?

But what about the people who are in ignorance to all of this. Do we sit here in judgement and think of them as less of a human because they can’t see past the prison they are in? Of course not.

To observe, and to help if possible is good. To judge is not.In the Vedas they talk about the three modes of living. Ignorance. Passion and Goodness. These are all energetic constructs that you can also transcend.In fact, Vedas means life, and the many books to read from them help you move up the ladder of consciousness.

Moving from bitter to sweet is a beautiful journey. I would recommend it to anyone. Then you start to live as the amazing being you are, that is multi dimensional and multi facetted. And that is when the heart comes into play and your compassion and empathy really start to ignite inside you.

The Vedas also call this the age of hypocrisy. I worked that out a long time ago. Everytime my Physics teacher tried to tell me something was a fact, I would argue that it was just a theory. And I was right, but I was punished for questioning the authority.

Punished For Questioning Authority

In fact, I have been punished all my life for questioning authority. My question is ‘Who made these people the authority, and how do I stop them from interferring in my life?’

This is one of the reasons so many people live in ignorance. They accept the main stream narrative, never think outside of their own limited energetic construct and then are bitter and twisted towards those who look a little deeper into life.And goodness me, there is so much bitterness out there.

Time to heal. And a time to talk. Time to share ideas. I am seeing now that when we are together, human beings are unstoppable. When we are polarised, we are easily controlled. Which one do you choose?

We can all get out of our own personal ignorance by doing the work inside. And the journey of self mastery is a noble life. I urge you to take the steps, if you haven’t started already.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post,

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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