Arrested Development

Are we as a species stuck in arrested development? Before I answer that, here is something to think about.

As you have probably gathered by now, I am facinated by human beings and the human condition. And I am also facinated that we are truly amazing beings, but can’t seem to live on this planet successfully. Through my research, I believe there has been civilisations on this planet that have lived successfully and that information is being censored continually.

It is easy to work out if you look.I am beginning to understand trauma a lot more, as I do work with clients all the time, healing their previous traumas from the body. Be it a small trauma or an enormous trauma from childhood, it has the same impact on the adult.

There is no judgement there. When I saw research on how human beings like decision making on their behalf as close to them as possible, I found that really interesting. I really feel like that. I want to take responsibility for myself, and don’t give my trust away lightly to someone who makes decisions for me.

My question here is why do so many people want to give the decision making process of their lives to someone so far away. We have this new world government forming, and big areas like the European Union that have been established. And yet this will give so many people so much stress inside.Is the acceptance of this arrested development of the people of this world? I am beginning to think it is. These institutions are so corrupted and yet they still seem to exist.

Are We Really Stuck In Arrested Development?

I am beginning to understand this. In certain areas of our lives, we are stuck in arrested development. Society has been formed to govern the masses and take care of the elitists. And they are elitists. That is very apparent now.

Asking someone to see why this is a problem is a little like asking a six year old to take the car to the next town to pick up some groceries. They just can’t see how to do that and they just can’t see also how wrong that would be if they attempted to do that. Connecting more closely to my local community, I saw so many people doing amazing work during the lockdowns.

And I also saw such appauling decision making and censorship from the large establishments mentions earlier. It is clear where my loyalties lie.Human potential is enormous. And to be proud of what we have created so far on this planet would be ludicrous. The technology and creativity have been phenomenal, but the actual humanity behind it has been monopolies, secrecy and control.

We are being kept in arrested development by a slow drip of bad news that is constantly being fed to us. If we go back to when the brain was forming in our history. We had two types of stress. One was from being attacked. The other from starvation.

The Brain Can’t Decipher

And we are being manipulated by that starvation stress phenomena in these times of great abundance. The brain can’t decipher whether this constant stress on the body is from lack of food or not, and this seems to be one of the reasons so many people are overweight.

Or have to use an addiction just to exist. This is terrible. And needs to be addressed. I believe we are moving into a new golden age of humanity, where we do realise our full potential. But more importantly, that we have been lied to for many many years now.

Lets Make A Promise To Ourselves

Lets make a promise to ourselves. And lets break free from our arrested development and be the humans we came here to be. Lets communicate properly. Lets have differences of opinions and really look at where the other person is coming from. Then these half baked points of view will not be tolerated and a real discussion can take place amongst adults.

And highly sensitive people can come into their forte and communicate what they see in this world.Its time to stop being written off as over emotional. Emotions are your guide and important to being human. To stop being written off as over thinking. Thought processes are important to reach a healthy conclusion.I need to write a book on this if I were to lay this out properly.

But I thought I would share it here with you because it helped me understand a little more about the world we all live in.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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