Moving Your Body

When it comes to moving your body, most people love to move their body. But why do we love to move our bodies? Movement is so important for us to stay healthy, energetic and full of vitality.Imagine owning a vintage car. And you wrap up that car with great care and attention, and you put it into a garage for 6 months to store. You could bring the car out and maybe have to check the battery, but it will probably be fine to start using again.

The same cannot be said for the human body. It is designed to move. And moving is essential for health also.Our ancestors used to dance together in synchronicity, using vibration to bond and heal. We took that trend and now have clubs. But when I have visited clubs, it feels everyone is together but isolated also. It is a strange phenomena.Our ancestors used to be together when clapping their hands, stamping their feet and moving their bodies. Using sound and vibration for group healing.

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System By Moving Your Body

Part of that is to stimulate your lymphatic system. It has no natural pump, but plays a vital role in getting all the nasty stuff out of the body. So moving and tapping plays an essential role to keep the body free of pathogens and carcinogens. And how often do you see people raising their hands over their heads also.

This is so good for keeping your blood pressure under control.I am so glad I found my Korean Ki Gong practise. It ticks all the boxes. And It is fun to do. It opens up all the meridians of the body. It stretches out muscles I didn’t realise I had. And very importantly, it stimulates my lymphatic system.

Go And Have Some Fun

The weekend is near. Go out and move your body in any way that you want and enjoy the movement. I am looking forward to a long walk in nature, after stretching out my meridians and shaking out the negative energy gathered in me from sleeping.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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