Are You Losing Your Passion For Life?

When I see people losing their passion for life, I feel it is so sad. And even in this chaotic time of great change, there are still things to be passionate about. But has our passion been hijacked?I would say yes.We are conditioned from an early age, especially in the western world, to look up to celebraties and people on the TV and treat them like idols.

And we are conditioned to aspire to be like them so we can be loved and recognised.This is what is called the Mia in the Vedas. The illusory world that has been cast over your eyes so you can’t see the amazing being you actually are.

And this is also playing on the real feelings inside all of us of wanting to be loved.This runs deep and has been going on for a long time.We all need to find activities we are passionate about.

Personally, I am passionate about people. I love speaking with them. Interacting with them. And even helping them when I can. And that is my business world now.

One Of My Passions For Life Is Cooking

My passion outside of that is cooking. And it really started because my wife used to like to eat at expensive restaurants, and me moaning, saying I could make better food at home. After making that statement, I took a big gulp and realised I had a lot to learn.Of course, I am exaggerating this story a little, but I am really passionate about cooking now.

Every day, I cook a meal for us from scratch. And my culinary expertise has grown. We are vegans at home, and that in itself, brings many challenges when eating properly.And we go around the world with our cuisine. From Mexico, to India, to South East Asia, to Europe and beyond. I have even brought Australian herbs to flavour the food with.

That time I spend in the kitchen is like a meditation for me. And even though I do the cooking everyday, I never get bored or tired of it. It is truly a passion for me, and I love it. And when people visit, and taste the food I create, they feel I should be starting a restaurant with my talents.

No thank you, I am happy where my cooking is.But finding your passion outside your conditioning is so important. There are so many set backs and hurdles along the way. And with the passion of my business, actually there can be quite a lot of abuse also.

Getting Used To It

I am used to that now. And now I see people using the negative energy inside of them and expressing it towards me. I do not take any of that personally anymore. I actually feel sorry for the people hurling abuse, because of the life they must be leading. And it no longer diminishes my passion for life.

Find your passion and be the human being you came here to be. You can do it. And I say this with knowledge because of clients of mine feeling stuck in their life, and then shifting their perspective and freeing themselves from the old energies stuck inside of them.

You too can be free to express the real passion inside of you.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post,

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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