Wow, I’ve Changed!

Change can happen in many different ways, and it is lovely to hear people say, I have changed. Change can come swiftly, or it can slowly change you from the inside. And that change inside feels impossible when you look at yourself and your convictions you have on life.

Your pain points feel like a stubborn stain that will not wash away. The universe is changing all the time. Growing and flowing in ways we cannot understand. We should be in the flow of the universe as human beings, but most of us are not.I had an interesting discussion the other day in a meeting I attended when I said that we grow from the inside and need to sustain the outside. If only our society was like that. It is completely upside down with this obsession for material growth. Which will happen naturally by the way, when you grow from inside.

I Changed After Taking Up Qi Gong

After my Ki Gong class last night, one of my students said to me in quite an astonished manner ‘Wow, I have really changed since doing your classes.’ What has happened in her life to make her say that.

It is an internal change that has helped her come out of her comfort zone, embrace new possibilities and feel more comfortable with what she has to offer the world. She is recovering from cancer, felt like she could never get a job that she really loves, and thought that she was stuck with the personality she had.

Her personality hasn’t changed, it has grown. Her job hasn’t changed, but she sees it now as a learning process to find the job she wants. And her health is much better also. Her shoulders have dropped from being tense all the time. She readily smiles now all through the classes. And her mind body brain connection is now much stronger.

The Dream Method For Transformation And Change

I get these results much quicker with my Dream Method programme, but to see them from someone who is now doing a little bit of Ki Gong every morning and attending 3 classes a week is amazing to me. I am still completely humble and in awe of our ancestors who really did understand our body.

And I am grateful to all the Masters that helped me on my journey to becoming a Dahn Master. This actually means Master in Training.You too can change. You just need to start taking the steps. And there are plenty of people out there willing to help if you decide to get up and do something about your own personal transformation.

I look forward to connecting with you in me next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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