Are Your Feeling Out Of Tune?

Are you feeling out of tune? I am not sure how many people would remember the old days when we relied on analogue for our receiving of broadcasts for the TV. And when birds used to sit on the aerial on the top of our houses, they would interrupt the signal.

Those days seem like such a distant memory now. But what about us as human beings? Do we really understand that we are antenna’s also, receiving and transmitting information. And are our bodies tuned in to take more information?It is easy to get lost in the distractions and deceptions of the modern world.

Thank goodness the veil is being lifted on that, as we see more of what is wrong becoming more apparent everyday.But how tuned in are you to yourself? We seem to be bombarded with labels today, and people seem to wear them like a badge of honour. Dr Gabor Mate states regularly ‘We are having a normal reaction to an abnormal society.’Get out of the label and get back into you.

Being Out Of Tune With Yourself Can Be Changed

The way our ancestors tuned in to the body was through self work and self discipline. Sounds boring right? In my Ki Gong practise we call them the three Dahn Jons. or even the three treasures. And we should heal them in this order to ensure the pyramid of our energy body is the right way up.

The lower Dahn Jon is just below your belly button and is responsible for the energies of your power, your passion and your creativity. It is represented by an orangey red colour which has a lower sound wave.

The middle Dahn Jon is in the centre of your chest and is responsible for your love, empathy and compassion. it is represented by a green colour, which is a middle sound wave.

And your upper Dahn Jon is your pineal gland and is responsible for your intuition, vision and natural wisdom. It is represented by an indigo violet colour, and is a high sound wave.

When we are out of tune with any of these Dahn Jons, we feel off. Most spiritual practises today forget about the lower Dahn jon. But it is truly the most important.

Tuning Into Our Power

Tuning into your power. Your passion and your creativity really helps you see what you love and where you want to go with your life. Energy comes before matter. So for a successful life, we all really need to start looking at how tuned in our energy is to our body.

And when we do this, we will start the healing process of the body and become more aligned with the energies we can tune into. I have just started posting Ki Gong shorts on here and Youtube. And there seems to be more interest in the Upper Dahn Jon than the lower Dahn Jon.

My teacher used to call that particular make up of energy as spiritual constipation. All talk, no action. Having been through the training myself now, I see what she is saying.

If you are going to make one positive decision this week, make that decision to look into your energy body. And then start the work. You never know what you will find, and more importantly, what you are capable of.

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post,

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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