What Is Perfection?

Is there really such a thing as perfection? Is this a construct by humanity to make us feel inadequate and lacking? Even when you look at a new born baby, there is a struggle for life there that is going on at the deepest level of their being.

And this is happening everywhere on this material plane we call material existence. A perpetual struggle to evolve. Is anything truly perfect? I would say no. Because it was never created that way.

With every mistake, wrong turn or bad decision, comes the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.Because when you make the mistake, or take a wrong turn or make a bad decision and don’t learn, you become stagnant. And that leads to dis-ease. Where did the idea of perfection come from?

The Idea Of Perfection Goes Back 1,000’S Of Years

It goes back 1,000’s of years, and I would argue that it is not what we think it is.In many spiritual practises, you were working towards perfection in your spiritual life. And this was an idea carried by the Gnostics.

They also believed in the Cristos, the Christ spark inside of you. And it was connecting with that spark to give you everything you needed. And with this came the principles of walking the land in peace.

Protecting your power with a belt around your middle.

Protecting your heart with a breast plate, and keeping your head covered so that darkness could not impinge on your spirituality.

This, they claimed, was the perfect human. Someone embarking on the spiritual path. There was no such claim as being faultless. Mistakes were ok as long as you learnt from them. How far have we drifted from the way our ancestors used to understand the prospect of life. But what is wonderful is that there is a growing number of people hungry for knowledge.

Like I say to the people on my Dream Method coaching course, I am not interested in how brilliant you are, I am interested in how you are making other people brilliant. We are all stars, and we need to cherish that fact.

You Are The Star Of Your Movie

You are the star of your movie, but if you treat your co stars badly, you will be living in a monologue. And that is so far away from living a perfect life. To me, perfection is doing your best to live your life authentically. And the rewards that happen when you open up to your inner self are enormous.

Your life will not be the romantic ideal way that we are presented as perfection. It will be an exploration into the unknown where you have a quantum field in front of you that is infinite in possibility. Just think about that for a moment. Are you ready to take the plunge?

I look forward to connecting with you in my next post.

Until then, be well and keep shining.

Peter. 🙂

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